Wednesday, 2 May 2012

The Seasons

I called you my blossom
You were a flower for me
Just for me alone

You were generous
With an abundance of love
Life so beautiful

We enjoyed the riches
Of life’s rich fecundity
Always together

Cold and now alone
Penalized without your love
But our fruit spread wide


  1. Love blooms and fades into our seasons-I hope that we all love with our whole hearts with the time that we are given. There is little disparity in the thought of spreading the seeds, how naturally this happens. Very sweet.

    ps~I like the new worldly view!

  2. aw this is so bitter sweet but its true that those seeds are nice to have.

  3. So sad when love's blossom fades or dies.

  4. A sad poem of loss. I wish a new blossom would arrive on your doorstep.

  5. Blossoms can die but the love is eternal. It's our reliance on inadequate physical sensations that makes us think otherwise.

  6. Better to have loved..and it's said..perhaps the pain of loss can never be lost? No mind, it is a beautiful poem OldEgg..Jae

  7. Knowing you I shouldn't be surprised at your works, but I constantly am. A Really beautiful lament.

  8. I feel the sadness in this piece.

  9. This is a beautiful piece. It's sad yet sweet.It sounds like a wonderful relationship and although it came to an end, you have fruit to show for it.

  10. Beautiful poem. There was even hope after the love had left - their fruit going on in a tangible reminder of their love for each other.

  11. beautiful and sad, a universal truth. It is the way it is, for one to go on ahead and the other to be alone for a time. I am grad that there is widespread fruit though...a comfort at time maybe? Hugs.

  12. I love your poems on love. They are pure and innocent. It must have been such a privilege to have been loved by someone who writes such sunlit words.