Sunday, 25 September 2011

Plan B

Set a task to improve buses and trains,

We sat around and wracked our brains

It was a conference on these and other things.

Teams were appointed and spokesmen too

Sadly that was what I had to do,

While my inner self had taken wings.

As each group nutted out their task

The CEO and minions sat back to bask

Observing us as though they were kings.

Then each group made their presentation

None had caused much sensation

The boss nodded sadly as the bell rings.

Up I get and give my team’s submission

But concerned with a certain frisson

That the CEO gets up and swings,

His gavel and stops me in my tracks

And moans at everything it lacks

Despite that delegates were me supporting.

After a break to eat refreshments foul

We were assembled to see him scowl

As his idea for a plan B was unfolding.

Later that evening after a drink or two

He gathered us together and without ado

Gave a presentation of his plan to fans adoring...

Except me that is.


  1. beautifully written..
    Enjoyed it thoroughly !!

  2. I have been to some of those meetings lol - Ones where you work on your idea, thinking they want your input when in reality, they only want you there to agree with them...

    Meetings and committees are what will eventually kill us all off I think!

  3. Well written; well said; well done!
    At least the CEO didn't come up with his own Plan.B, which turned out to be a re-statement of your own. That's happened to me a couple of times here (in Finland, I emphasise) when a meeting was trying to resolve a flaw in the architects plans.

  4. Oh, Dear One! Any plan any boss comes up with will always be the best plan - good or not. And if you were the poor clever sot that actually came up with it, that's the first thing they'll forget. Yes, been there, been the poor clever sot too.