Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Ahu and her two little boys (Part 4)

Ahu’s husband Ahuahu fished for a little while on the rocks. It was not the best time to fish and he was restless. He had caught barely enough to eat himself let alone Ahu as well. When should he go back home? Would they send someone for him when the baby was born?
Many thoughts passed though his mind as he thought about Ahu. She was the most beautiful thing that had happened to him. As he was dreaming about her a larger wave broke over the rock he was standing on and drenched him. He shook the water off himself and heard a little voice shout out with laughter. It was little Moana a neighbour’s tiny girl.
“What are you doing here Moana?”
“Mummy told me to fetch you as Ahu is back home now.”
Relief spread over Ahuahu’s face and he flicked the water from his hair, pulled in his line and packed the two fish in his basket and got ready to return home. As he strode off as fast as he could he almost forgot Moana who had to run along after him. Hearing her call out his name he turned at the tiny voice which sounded so soft as she cried out ah-ua-hu with all the vowel sounds making a noise like the wind blowing through the trees. As he stopped for her she placed her tiny hand in his and whispered “She is nursing baby, she is waiting for you. We do not have to hurry.”
When they approached the village, Moana broke free and rushed ahead and shouted “Ahuahu is back.”
Hi’ilei came up to him and punched him on the arm and broke into a broad grin, but did not walk with him. Ahuahu entered his hut and as he did so two of the village women, nodded to him and left him alone. It was dark in the dwelling and as his eyes adjusted to the light he saw Ahu kneeling over the baby and wrapping it up to put it in a back pouch for her to carry it.
“Ahu, did it all go well?”
She turned to him, looked him straight in the eyes and said to him “Ahuahu my husband, you have a son.” She then lowered her eyes in the way that he loved and his heart radiated such emotion that he bent down and held her face in his hands and rubbed noses with her and cried tears of joy.
Ahu held him tight in her arms and murmured softly “You are a great man Ahuahu, as you are not immune from showing your feelings. Now I have two little boys to look after but it must be time for you to go and brag to the other men about what a fine fisherman he will be.”
“I was drenched by a wave while fishing” Ahuahu said simply, wiping his eyes.
“Yes, everyone knows, Moana has already let the whole village know.“ She responded with a smile.


  1. Thank you for a vignette that works all the way thru.

  2. Ooh, I so hope we stay on a course of good luck and happiness but not getting enough fish on the rocks is ominous -or is that just a Jae thought? this story is throwing through you easy as a sea breeze..

  3. such a blessing to have a newborn, and wonderfully written

  4. babies being born such a joy. lovely story.

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  6. Really good story-telling. The characters are growing, and I am as hooked as one of Ahuahu's fish.

  7. such a wondrous tale. again. always. you please and entertain.

  8. Awwwww ..

    What a lovely read. I hope this has a happy ending or.... grrr


    I'm hooked~!

  9. I read this one first and then I worked backwards. Really like it.

  10. A beautiful story... love the symbolism of the wave.

  11. Hello Old Egg. Lovely story you are weaving here. Beautiful characterisation of Ahu and Ahuahu and the other members of their community. I was brought up in NZ and feel I recognise your characters and their way of life. Seemed very true to life. Made me think of home and warmer climes. Think there may be a typo - should it be "all the vowel sounds"?

  12. well written and very interesting in reading :)
    Enjoyable read !!

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    I just love this story!

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