Sunday, 15 May 2011


“Do you surrender?” she screamed
I shook my head. I could not say a word, she was sitting on top of me, straddling me, wearing hardly a stitch, I was powerless. Was it always going to be like this?
Maggie and I had been married two years. We loved each other dearly, had a fantastic wedding, a beautiful day with lots of guests, and then we settled down to a normal married life. So I thought.
After about a year, Maggie lost her job at the travel agency. Times were tough what with the mortgage and the cost of travelling to the city, and needing all those little things that go to building a home for ourselves let alone trying to save up for holidays.
Maggie however was resourceful and took to writing articles and submitting them to various journals and even had her blog on the net. But her real break came when she started to write stories about women taking a dominant role in their lives…Chick Lit. She even made a little money out of it. But every situation every scenario had to be put to the test…on me.
Curiously enough I was always surprised by the set up. After a hard days work, a boring trip home and then entering a cold and empty house when I was expecting a warm fire and a home cooked meal was a disappointment. However being set upon by a screaming banshee, knocked down and pinned to the floor for the sake of testing her latest work of fiction was a little daunting. It had its reward of course, seeing her wild but beautiful face, a glimpse of an exposed breast, the squeeze of her thighs, and then her smile of satisfaction with: “Well that worked out well” to indicate her approval of what she had written was feasible did us both a world of good.
I had already made it a condition of these outbursts to reap a little reward if you know what I mean. But we also went out for a meal as well on those nights to celebrate twice as it were and then acted normally by going to bed afterwards. Sorry my maths is bad, that is three treats isn’t it?


  1. That is hilarious! Definitely wasn't expecting that as I came to read what you wrote about 'surrender'.

  2. I have to admit this made me giggle!

  3. Well the word has those kind of connotations attached to it but the story was refreshing. :)

  4. That was such a clever write up. *high five*

    Now, on a serious note, is this Maggie for real or she is just a fictional character?

  5. Hilariously funny Rob! Not your usual style, but very welcome and refreshing change.

  6. Who's counting - sounds like fun! Thank goodness she was writing a chick-lit blog..there are so many blogs out there she could have tested out vegan cooking on 'you' or something worse (if there is worse than mung beans!) Did you lose all your comments on your last blog too? I think blogger is on the fritz..Jae

    ps your word verification for me was 'chaste'!

  7. Ooh, saucy! Yes, I’ll have some of that perfect marital mix, thank you!

  8. A win win arrangement.

    Being a sounding board, test case, and guinea pig is an important role for a spouse.

  9. Very imaginative! (unless, of course, it's not fiction...)