Sunday, 30 May 2010


Outwardly he was always calm,
serene of face as though some balm
had soothed his worries all away
untouched by traumas of everyday.

Intrigued I asked of him one day
What it was that made him this way
a simple smile I got in return.
"There is a lesson you must learn."

He said "the secret is young man,
and don't forget it if you can,
that when the gift of peace you need,
say the name of one that will lead

you to a state of bliss that puts all,
cares and worries into a ball,
that you can throw away and find,
there's nothing left to sear your mind."

Puzzled and unhappy with his replies,
I forgot this sage's words so wise
Until much later into my life
And found that when I had a wife

With love as precious as pure gold
It was her name I could say so bold
That filled me with a strength so great
that my fears and cares did abate.


  1. Oh my, Old Egg,
    This flowed well and then as I enjoyed the tempo, you zapped me with the twist of a wife's name! It isn't easy to surprise me, but you did.
    P.S. I thought of you recently, because I'm looking into reupholstering a sofa in Robin's Egg blue.

    Warm regards,

  2. Flowed beautifully, and I loved the ending.

  3. wonderfulllllllllllll wordssssssssssssssssssssssss!!!! really really!

    My melodious mantra

  4. Simply delightful. A joy to read

  5. Beautifully romantic..If I was the 'wife' in this poem I would be very touched to read it hopefully that was true! Jae

  6. This would get you your favorite meal cooked at my house - what a lovely tribute. You are such a romantic!

  7. A wonderful statement of your love and the amazing effect one special person can have on our lives.

  8. absolutely wonderful to read :)

    chk mine at