Tuesday, 10 November 2009



Today's the day I have my interview
Which is not my favorite thing to do
I got up late
was in a state
and knew I'd barely make it there by ten.

Skipped my breakfast just grabbed a juice
I didn't even listen to the news
out with a cuss
ran to the bus
and knew I wasn't well prepared.

Now I fronted at the imposing desk
reported in to start my hopeful quest
wait for a bit
still could not sit
and thought of many happier things to do.

Called in at last to the interview room
won't be long before my fate or doom
chat went quite well
plainly not hell
May be it's true that they like my style.

Waiting at home for a call or letter
Perhaps they think that I'm a go getter
phone's ringing now
just have to go
I'll come round later to tell you how it went.


  1. Come on, this is missing the last verse with the reveal! I like the 5th line that doesnt rhyme. Or do I? It shocked me at first then I got used to it. Its nice to be surprised but not left in suspense.

  2. Nice one. Do tell how it went