Friday, 23 October 2009

Garry the Provider

Garry's face was in the dirt. He had never felt so embarrassed before. He lay on his stomach with his hands handcuffed behind his back. All around him were onlookers; standing, staring speaking...about him! By his side stood one of the arresting officers. Behind him he knew there were two patrol cars, their flashing lights illuminating the pavement with repeated bursts of blue.

He wept with shame and humiliation. He had bungled the hold up. It had been going so well, only a few customers and a teller that did as she was told. He even had the money in his hands. So much money there must have been thousands. Everything had been going to plan. They had certainly obeyed him with that replica pistol in his hand. He felt so good and strong then. He had been ten foot tall and so powerful, but now...what had gone wrong?

"Come on lad, on your feet now!"

He struggled to get up with his arms pinned behind him. He felt a hand on his shoulder and one at his elbow as he slowly rose, first to a kneeling position and then standing.

He stumbled as he was pushed toward the police vehicle. A hand was placed on his head to avoid it hitting the door frame. He then fell back into the seat. Helpless, the seat belt was fastened around for him and the car drove off.

All Garry could think of on the journey to the lock up was Jenny and their baby daughter Bonnie. His little Babs, his Baby Boo. He felt the tears coming again. He had only done it for them, to give them a decent home and food and clothes and toys.

What would Jenny do now? How would she manage? She couldn't go back to that cow of a mother. Not after all the rows they had had about him.

And his parents? They would slam the door in her face. They weren't worth a pinch of shit. Rhonda his sister might help but how could he tell Jenny that now?

"Did you say something, son?"

Garry's mumbling had attracted the officer at his side. With his head still bowed Garry slowly shook his head.

"Won't be long now and you'll be tucked up in a nice little cell," sneered his companion. The two police officer winked at each other in the rear view mirror. The one by Garry's side turned and spoke to him again.

"Looks as though you're in for some care and attention. No more nights on the street for you, eh?"

No, not for me, thought Garry.

(Pastel impression by author of a recent European news photo. )


  1. Holy crow - here he is a thief and I am feeling sorry for him..even more for his wife and baby :( good job on this!

  2. Hey that's quick Dee. I was still fiddling with the post! You are right on the mark that is exactly what I wanted to infer.

  3. What a wonderful heart went out to this man, despite his crime.

  4. oh, can't we relate to his painful thoughts of others. our actions impact so many. Yes, you've posted a story we can all feel a sense of empathy in reading. great job!

  5. Sometimes, nothing works. Poor dude - he didn't even have a real gun. I feel more sympathy than shame and then... suddenly, it turns. Nice!

  6. Awesome read. and What a coincidence.:)

  7. indeed... we now worry about his family. excellent last line~

  8. shame of being caught? shame of being a thief? shame of embarassing his family?
    no sad feelings here except for his wife and child

  9. another excellent story ... love the humanity in your words; the complex choices we make as human beings.


  10. So sad to be pushed into doing something like that only to be shamed. Sadly this happens a lot, people trying to better themselves, their family, but they forget about consequences... shame doesn't forget though.

  11. Great story getting us readers to feel sorry for the poor bank robber.

  12. Wow. He was trapped even before he started the robbery. Well done.

  13. Ah, I liked this twist on the prompt to use shame for "bungling a crime." Enjoyed this OE.

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  14. poor family left was really bad idea... great read.

  15. A great read.
    Full of overflowing emotions, the story made me want to let go of a thief just to give his innocent wife and child a chance to a happy life.

    Keep up the good work.


  16. I am so proud of you and your blogging efforts, so here is an award. I hope it's the first of many. Visit here to collect.

  17. What a sad and sorry situation. A great read.