Wednesday, 3 October 2018

My affair

Sshh! I shouldn't really tell you this
Of my affair with a certain miss
My word does she know how to kiss!

Please do not mention it to my wife
Or I shall be in all sorts of strife
It's the worse thing I've done in my life

How to balance the affair please tell?
Trouble is wife knows the girl so well
They're friends too; Oh this affair is hell!

I can't give up she belongs to me
We're in the park walking happily
She really has such jeu d'esprit

She then runs off happy as can be
I love them both and they both love me
She comes back now and is licking me

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  1. Ha, a sweetly surprising end :)

  2. I was taken in! Fun. And definitely a fine balance.

  3. Oh I was so pleased with the ending, lol. Just wonderful!

  4. Thank you very much, Robin, for today's smile, with your humorous take on the love between a human and a dog.

  5. Nice surprise at the end. Fun write

    Much love...

  6. Kept me in suspense until the very end! Beautifully written and the addition of images was perfect. Thank you.